Cake Sizes


- Minimum order of 24 (equivalent to 12 regular)


- Minimum order of 12



- Boxes of 24 starting at $72


- Boxes of 12 starting at $50

CupCake Flavours

Vanilla Bean

- Sometimes simple is best ;) Light and fluffy vanilla cupcake iced with silky vanilla bean buttercream.


- Light and fluffy vanilla bean cake filled with RAINBOW confetti iced with silky pastel rainbow vanilla bean buttercream.

Choc Chip

- Looking for the best of both worlds? Choc chip is a delectable combo of fluffy vanilla bean cake swirled with Cadbury choc chips, iced with your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate buttercream.


- Freshly baked moreish chocolate cupcakes iced with fluffy Cadbury chocolate buttercream.

Red Velvet

- Vibrant red velvet cupcakes iced with sweet and tangy cream cheese icing.

(Requires refrigeration)

Baked Lemon Curd

- A delectable vanilla bean cupcake generously swirled with home made lemon curd piped with silky vanilla bean buttercream, decorated with a touch of gold. 

Lemon Meringue

- A delectable vanilla bean cupcake generously swirled with home made lemon curd, piped with sweet and tangy lemon buttercream, sprinkled and topped with homemade vanilla bean meringue.


- Freshly baked chocolate cupcakes piped with decadent Nutella buttercream, drizzled with melted Nutella, finished with a Ferrero Rocher. A chocolate lovers dream ;)

Sticky Date

- An iconic pudding turned cupcake! Delectable sticky date cupcake icing with butterscotch buttercream, drizzled with homemade caramel.

White Choc Raspberry

- Vanilla bean cupcake swirled with Cadbury white chocolate chips, piped with tangy multicolour raspberry buttercream, sprinkled with freeze dried raspberry.

Choc Strawberry or Raspberry

- Freshly baked chocolate cupcakes piped with indulgent chocolate buttercream sprinkled with your choice of Australian freeze dried strawberries or raspberries. 

Cookies & Cream

- Freshly baked chocolate cupcakes piped with decadent Oreo buttercream, sprinkled with crushed Oreo.


- Fluffy vanilla bean cupcakes swirled with homemade caramel, piped with caramelised buttercream, drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with 'Golden Gaytime' crumble.

*Cupcakes are best consumed within 2-3 days after collection to ensure maximum freshness. 

* Please note custom cupcake orders require a minimum of 1 weeks notice.