Cake Sizes

Cake Size          Standard Serves           

   (Diameter)                      (4 layers of cake)                

   6 inch                     15 - 20                    

   8 inch                     25 - 45                     

  10 inch                    45 - 90                   

Small 2 tier                 35 - 65

Large 2 tier                55 - 110+

Cake Flavours

Vanilla Bean

- Sometimes simple is best ;) Beautiful light and fluffy texture to suit any occasion. 


- Light and fluffy vanilla bean cake filled with RAINBOW confetti. Suitable for adults too ;)

Choc Chip

- Looking for the best of both worlds? Choc chip is a delectable combo of fluffy vanilla bean cake swirled with Cadbury choc chips.


- If your looking for something a little lighter than a mud cake with that delicious chocolate flavour this cake is for you!

Marble Cake

- Because one flavour is NOT enough! A delicious combo of vanilla bean and chocolate cake swirled together to create a marbled appearance.

Red Velvet

- If chocolate and vanilla bean cake had a baby this is ;) 

Baked Lemon Curd

- (my personal favourite) A delectable combination of fluffy vanilla bean cake generously swirled with home made lemon curd creating a deliciously dense cake. 

Sticky Date

- Pair me with caramel for an irresistible treat.

White, Milk or Dark Chocolate Mud Cake

- An indulgent, dense and decadent chocolate cake perfect for a chocolate lover.

Caramel Mud Cake

- A rich, dense caramelised mud cake because who doesn't love caramel!

White Chocolate Raspberry

- The dream team.... decadent white chocolate mud cake swirled with Australian Raspberries creating a delicious combo of sweet and tangy. 

*Cakes are best consumed within 2-3 days after collection or freeze really well for up to 3 months when individually portioned and wrapped in airtight cling wrap.

* Please note custom cake orders require a minimum of 1 weeks notice.

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